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"I was lost after I backed into the garage door. Luckily I had AJ to help out with the panel replacement and new springs. My door works like new and I don't feel so lost anymore. Oh and my wife wasn't too upset about the cost. Thanks AJ and AJE Garage Doors"

Jamie J.

"AJ asked if he could take this picture of us at our wedding, during his service call. The garage door opener stopped working and trapped our car in the garage. Thanks to AJ and a quick door opener replacement we were able to make our honeymoon plane and enjoy our wedding day.

It was the truly 24 hour a day service that brought AJ out late on Sunday afternoon to save our getaway. Thank you AJ" 

Max and Hannah A.

"AJ showed up on time and stayed within my budget. Calling them was the best choice I ever could have made."

Sarah G.

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"My car was trapped in the garage and AJ got it out in less than an hour and for less than any of the phone quotes I had. He even let me use the online $75 off coupon! I took this picture in my car just after AJ set us free!"

Jackie T.